A note on “sermon notes”

In my spare time, I like listening to sermons (because I’m a bit of a nerdy-Christian like that). Usually I make notes in my journal but recently, along with the ongoing attempt to digitize my journals, I have started typing up these sermons. I’m pretty sure legally I am allow to type up notes, provided their not word for word and I give full credit to the preacher, and publish them on the blog. I will attach links to where I found the sermon.

I will stress that these notes only represent my interpretation of the speakers message, and in order to properly understand their meaning I encourage readers to watch the original. I may have misinterpreted. So please don’t sue me!

There are a handful of speakers/preachers who I listen to on a regular basis. These include John Piper, Louie Giglio, Francis Chan and Mike Pilavachi. However, I hope as this blog develops I will discover new and other brilliant preachers.

My ultimate intention is to provide encouragement to other Christians who otherwise wouldn’t listen to the messages because of lack of time and busyness. I also believe that by listening, and paying close attention, to other gifted communicators I will develop my own gift.

Sermon Notes

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