Kneeling on Campus

All my recent talk about how good Sainsbury’s has been for me, has been part of what God’s been teaching me lately. Because my exams are finishing soon, and I am starting my work with Navigators next year, I have applied for various summer jobs. The plan is to work full time and earn money to help support myself. I have had very little success to be honest!

But a couple of weeks back I got an interview, for an audit administrator/receptionist role and got really excited (by the possibility of dressing in a shirt and tie, being payed more, working in an office again!). It seemed one of those “respectable” jobs that I’ve mentioned in previous posts. But due to different things, mainly my impatience in waiting for a reply, I didn’t get the job… This was highly frustrating and depressing. Primarily because it meant I was back to square 1, AKA: working full-time over the summer at Sainsbury’s.

Sorry if this seems all over the place.

I was on campus the day after I got rejected from this job, just sitting on a bench listening to music, having one of those peaceful times with God. I was mulling over my unsuccessful application and watching people walk past, some hurrying on their own, some enjoying the sun and good friendly company. I see a lady walk past. I think, from her uniform she is a cleaner, and I see from the cross around her neck she is probably a Christian (a big assumption these days). She is walking down the path, when suddenly – without warning – she bends down. It looked like she’d dropped something, knees bent (but not quite on the floor) for about 10 seconds.

She got up, took about 6 steps and went down again. I wondered if she was praying. Got up, 3 steps this time, and down again. At this point, I noticed I wasn’t the only one staring. Others were looking over their shoulders quizzically. What is going on? I’ve made up my mind she’s praying.

There was something very attractive about this act, something like what I think the Bible means when it talks about Stephen’s face shining (Acts 6:15). Seeing someone not give any care for what people are thinking, (warning: another assumption) deciding that: on my way out from work I am going to be praying. I will pray for my colleagues, for the success of the Uni, I will praise God in an environment that rarely acknowledges His power. For some reason this scene – combined with the music I was listening to and my attempting to hear God’s voice in this situation – restored a lot of peace about my work at Sainsbury’s.

Praise God for these special moments! Thanks for sending that lady along that path at that time, while I was thinking those thoughts and listening to that specific song. I thank you that even when I do things that might seem really weird, You could be at work in them to encourage someone else. Help me to remember this and obey. 


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