The Driven Dilemma (2)

This post continues on the same lines as a previous one… I did consider trying to write a summary of that, but can’t do it without making this post double the size.

Shortly after, or even mid-way through, writing the Driven Dilemma post I invited one of my friends to speak his thoughts into the situation. We had reached a lull in our conversation over coffee, and I decided to just tell him what I felt God had been challenging me on and listen to his thoughts on some of the questions I had been asking myself.


I’ve had a good few days to process what he said, so let me try and present them here:

“The joy of the Lord is your strength” was his initial reaction (one of those verses which can easily be taken out of context and still be very much the truth and useful!). He went on to explain that Joy isn’t so much a feeling as it is a choice. E.g: Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say rejoice. This verse is an imperative! In this way joy is less about a feeling, sensation or an emotion…but rather an action and a form of worship. Link this to my second point from Romans on BRT, about taking responsibility in our battles against sin, I notice a theme!

Partly out of frustration, partly because my friend and I have been attempting to journey up “vulnerability mountain” together (excuse me as I excessively reference myself!), partly because I knew he could handle my unbelief. I said: “But what does that mean practically!? I know that this Joy should be my strength and it should be a choice, but the truth is my willpower can’t seem to convert this Joy into productivity. When I was driven by a desire to be acknowledge and affirmed as someone on top of their game (physically, spiritually, mentally) I got so much done. But my desire to rejoice in the Lord,  doesn’t drive me to change nearly as powerfully! What do I do?”

His reply was simple – cry out…ask! Ask God for His Joy to become your strength, ask that He will open your eyes to see His beauty and therefore respond appropriately. Ask. Ask and know that you will receive. [Matthew 7:7-12, James 1:5-6 & 4:2-3]…

I still feel that there is a lot more to unearth on this topic. More to learn and grow in. Thanks for again putting up with my ramblings.




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