Back from Orientation

WOW! I am absolutely stoked for this new job! I just got back from my orientation (hence no posts for a while).

First let me try and sum up my job: I am doing a a training internship with the Navigators UK called Connect. Basically this usually means that a “Connector” will be apprenticed to a Navs Rep with a University ministry. I will be given training in practical ministry & leadership skills, and help with the running of the ministry: Leading Bible studies, meeting one-on-one with students etc! I get given assignments and books to read along the journey, and two excellent supervisors to help and support me – That’s it in small nutshell!

While I was away I learnt loads, and was challenged in so many areas! Luckily I kept a lot of notes and had a 3 hour wait in Penrith for my train home. So there was plenty of time afterwards to process it all. I journaled, prayed and meditated on God’s word.

Here are a few things I am so grateful for:

  1. Complete peace about my finances…whilst some other friends of mine have managed to raise most or all of their support for their different years in training, I have only got about 51%…and yet God has given me complete peace that He will provide for me. This is so surprising, because before deciding to do this year I was really worried about the financial aspect of this job. I know I am a natural worrier and find it so easy to doubt God, so I know this peace must be from Him!
  2. Friends…Meyers-briggs pins me down as an INTJ and part of that means I am fairly introverted. Going away for 5 days and living with a large bunch of strangers, geting to know them etc, would usually be quite a daunting task…But God was clearly at work! I found it really easy to make new friends. And found myself totally refreshed from their company. So many great people involved with Navs UK, I am really looking forward to our next opportunity to get to know each other.
  3. Imitable Leaders…Part of the Navs culture is mentoring (and discipleship), and I was so excited to see so many leaders from all over the UK with a clear love for Jesus, gentleness, servanthood, encouragement, wisdom and so much more. It was encouraging getting to know these people more and I am sure that God will use them to inspire me to greater heights and depths of maturity.

Lord I want to lift this year up to You. Please have your way. I ask for the courage to live faithfully and obediently to Your calling on my life in Birmingham. 




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