rhythm or People


Rhythm Has Your Two Hips Moving…Or at least, that’s how I learnt to spell the word.

As I’ve started working with Navigators this month I’ve been moving into rhythm’s of life and building new (and old) habits back into my life. However a job like mine rarely sees two days looking quite the same.

For example today I left the house at 6.30, went to the gym, headed off to campus, had a quiet time, read, met up with one of the Student leaders to talk about Navs this year, am now blogging, will work on one of my studies, then go into town to pick up some things, get home for around 5 for dinner and a nice evening with my wife…But tomorrow I have a book group with some guys at the church at 7am – so I can’t go gym tomorrow morning (or at least straight away!)… Another day I’ll be meeting with a friend at 6.30.

I find this surprisingly frustrating. I really like having a solid structure to my day, especially mornings. If I’m honest I feel a strong temptation to cut these things out, to just stop being part of them so that I can have my “perfect-routined-morning” every single weekday.

I feel that God is teaching me to put people before my routines and schedule. I’m sure there is a tension in this, like of course fighting for my quiet times is important, but perhaps I idolize the quiet time (and the tick I get to put on my mental notepad of things to do) rather than the God I meet with. The same goes for exercising -yes, there’s great benefit in exercising regularly and that often needs to be intentional and protected time…But surely God wants me to love people more than my schedules and routines.

God please can you help me get the balance right between these two things for me. And Lord where I choose to put people before productivity or routine, may they experience something of You as a result. Help me. Amen


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