BRT – Numbers

Given that very few people end up reading this blog I don’t feel like I have to apologize for stopping my BRT posts for a while…The summer was quite relaxing and what usually happens when I begin having a lot of free time is that my routines go out the window! That included blogging and to an extent BRT…But I want to get back on it, because it is so beneficial to have an electronic copy of these things. (Plus its a mild form of accountability!)

Anyway I’ve thought about typing up my three points for each book since Thessalonians, but that task seemed a bit menial and daunting all at once. So I thought I’d just try to be a bit more faithful to typing them up in the future.

I’ve just started Deuteronomy so here are my three points from Numbers, as per usual it was difficult to just pick three things but here are the ones that have been on my mind the most:

  1. 13:16 Throughout Numbers you get a real insight into the relationship between Joshua and Moses. Moses passing the baton onto Joshua, as the prime person to lead the Israelites into the Promised Land. A great example of this is in 27:18-21 where Moses Commisions (him in the sight of others), he delegates authority to him and presents him before the priests. So much leadership insight in that…But in 13:16 Moses gives him one of those OT name changes. Why did this speak to me? Well, partly because it reminds me how much impact a mentoring/discipling relationship can have (literally changing a name). I know from being around church long enough that name changes in the Bible, (e.g: Abram – Abraham, Saul – Paul), have a significant role in defining someone’s identity. When I meet up with people, God is using them to mold me into the person he wants to be – and the reverse is also true. Y’hoshua (his new name) meant: Yahweh (is) Salvation…
  2. 22:23, 24 & 27 The donkey saw the angel but Balaam missed it. There is a lot around Balaam that I don’t get, and I remember he comes up again a few times, but this part is borderline comedic. For those who don’t know the story read it. It challenged me, as I thought of the ways in which I miss God in my everyday and in the obvious ways. I always want my eyes to be seeking for God’s hand in every situation. However this humbling experience for Balaam had a an incredible impact, later on he identifies himself as “one who has fallen, yet has open eyes” and who now “knows what ‘Elyon knows, who sees what Shaddai sees” (24.16). – Excuse my Jewish translation!
  3. 32.12 Talking about my two faviroute characters in the book of Numbers (maybe even in the whole OT) Joshua and Caleb. It says of them that “they have followed Adonai…UNRESERVEDLY”. Man, I want that said of me too! Holding nothing back, and being held back by nothing (fear of man, or insecurities, or lack of ability, or weakness) I will give God my very best! What an example…May it be a description on not just my “singing worship” (on sunday) but my everyday “life-worship”. Unreserved service to my LORD.



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