FIVE small minutes…


One of my weakest areas as a Christian is… evangelism. I get very nervous at the thought of talking to people, especially strangers, about my faith. Because of this, my wife and I have decided to start stretching ourselves in this arena.

We decided a couple of weeks ago to spend 5 mins, only FIVE minutes, after church on Sunday doing “on street evangelism”. What this looks like is extremely simple, it has to be, we’re totally new to it! We each take a side of the road and for FIVE minutes we walked and anyone who walked past us we’d simply say something like: “Hey, I’m a Christian and I was wondering if I could pray for you?”

Simple. Small. A very small and very simple step of obedience. And to be honest, it felt very scary! But we did it… This last Sunday we added another 5 minutes, and next week we plan to add another 5. It wasn’t easy doing it for 10 minutes, but it felt much more doable than I initially feared. Plus this week a couple asked me to pray for their pregnancy! Who knows the impact that may make in a generations time?!

God is good, and compassionate. He takes us wherever we are at. If you feel like God wants you to grow in an area of faith, but you feel you have nothing to offer…I want to encourage you to give Him the very little you do have. Remember the story of the few loaves of bread and bits of fish Jesus used to feed a few thousand people! He can use your FIVE minutes to change people.

I am so excited about this small act, I am sure it won’t be long before we see some fruit come of it. Where is the area you reckon God is calling you to grow in? What does FIVE minutes, look like in your situation? Take the small step of faith, and see what happens.

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