Among the Lost

download-1A few of you will remember that since coming home from my Orientation days, I have felt really challenged to “be among the lost”. One of the speakers there explained that he lived in a 90:10 ratio of Christians:Non-Christians, in regards to who he hung out with. He encouraged us to seek to reverse it, or at least get it more balanced.

I’m a massive fan of spreadsheets, for some unknown reason. So I added a column to my “record” sheet, (Which is basically a kind of numerical diary – I tick my checklist off each night), entitled: ‘Lost‘. And made it my ambition to every day hang out, chat, meet up or be with someone who isn’t a Christian (yet!)…

It was eye opening how appalling I am to sticking among Christian friends only! I once heard Francis Chan say something like:

Christians are like manure…keep them bundled together for too long and they stink…but spread them out, and they can make great fertilizer and bring life.

So often as a response to a talk, I feel guilty for like 30mins, but not convicted enough to do anything about it. So what’s my response? Especially when my job is basically working with Christians to disciple them in their faith. Well

  1. I’ve started texting people on my bus journeys, deliberately finding out how they are doing…arranging to meet up soon. Some people reply and are keen, some people reply but don’t want to meet up. I just need to keep praying.
  2. That leads to my next point! Pray, pray, pray! Salvation belongs to the Lord! Not to my great schemes and practices…Also prayer is important to make sure my heart is in the right place, its so easy to just be utilitarian among the lost (only with them to see them saved, then….NO more interest!). Prayer helps me to love them beyond a conversion mark.
  3. Make the most of every opportunity…An example of this is today at the gym, I noticed a couple of guys who train together most mornings. Today one of them seemed a little unwell from “leg day” (he was throwing up in the bin!) I asked his mate if he was okay…One thing led to another 😉 and now we know each others names and how long we’ve all been training. I’ll see them regularly, because we train at similar times, and hopefully in time and with prayer I can share the gospel with them. Just getting to know people and enter into their lives where their at…making the most of every opportunity.
  4. See my Five Minutes post for another thing, my wife and I are doing deliberately.

God show me more and more how I can “live and disciple among the lost”! Help me to love people, not just want to “fix” people. Amen. 

Discipleship Friends Weakness

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