Perseverance in exercise

My first, and probably last post of October…my blogging effort has been pretty pants lately. Part of it has been the busyness of my work, part of it has been finding structure, another is different priorities and the remainder is bulk laziness. So its with great hypocrisy that I write this post entitled: Perseverance.

I’ve been hearing the word a lot lately and it keep resonating – in a good way. I want to share how perseverance, a word which I struggle to spell every time and am resorting to right click the red squiggly line, is important in my life.

Since college/6th form I have been very interested in “working out”, by this I mean using weights and building muscle. I bought my first set of 10kg dumbbells when I was 17, because I had recently started my first serious relationship (with my now wife) – and I wanted to impress her. Throughout my two years at college I worked out about 4-5 times a week depending when my “rest” days were, very consistently. It was great to have a hobby I could seriously invest in. By the end of college I had bought another set of weights and was watching and learning a lot about exercise. Including vlogs from youtube fitness channels such as Elliot Hulse, the Hodgetwins and Sean Thompson.

By the time I was half way through my first year at Uni, my “home gym” had grown to a bench, pull-up bar and EZ-Bar. And I was still going at 4-5 times a week, now with a steady diet – counting calories and downing protein shakes…

Then new year came 2014 and for no apparent reason I stopped. Consistency stopped. I would exercise 4-5 times a week for about 2 weeks then have a month “off”. I couldn’t keep the habit going for longer than a month. But I was invested, I’d bought the equipment, I’d learnt lots and lots of knowledge about how many reps/sets and fitness terms…

I got Engaged. Then married. Still no consistency. Lots of attempts to start up again, but nothing lasting.

Then a couple of months ago I joined a gym. Hoping that maybe by having to leave the house, paying a monthly fee and seeing a familiar crowd training would keep me going…Well, it worked. For the last two months I’ve been in my gym 4-5 (mostly 4) times a week training!

Perseverance, in my opinion is less about consistency and getting it right every time. But still trying to work it all out in the face of continuing failure. I wouldn’t say I’ve been consistent in “working out” the last 4 1/2 years, not by a long shot, but I have persevered in figuring out what system will work for me.

I am aiming to leave the gym I’m at now and slowly transfer back to using the “home gym”. Life’s circumstances at the moment mean that I’m leaving the house at 6.30am most mornings and returning around 5pm most evenings. Because Monday, Wednesday and Sunday evenings I’m involved with various groups, the only set-time I will be able to “work out” consistently will be in the mornings. So I have resolved that if I wake up at 5am I will exercise at home, if later e.g 5.30 or 6 I will go to the gym. My plan being that eventually I will nail 5am wake ups. As of now, I will use the gym to be my crutch until I am able to motivate myself enough at home.

This is one example of per-sever-ance in my life. Perseverance I finally learnt a way to spell it right every time!


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