Tools for going deeper…

1d1fd245e8229ab36d3b951c19616ddc_garden-spade-call-it-a-spade-clipart-spade_1200-1500This week at our main Navs meeting, I shared some tools I use in my walk with God. The aim was to give people new ideas and help them discover new means to go deeper with God. I wanted to share a couple of mine here briefly, and then share a few that the students shared which I’m thinking of trying out!

For me:

  1. Journaling, is a tool which I’ve been using for almost a year and a half now. I just started a new book about a month and a half ago, a brilliant feeling! For me, journaling is the process by which I write down my prayers to God in a book. It’s really simple, but in doing so I have begun to create a record of my relationship with God and how He has been faithful to me. Looking back over old journal entries (even recent ones) is such a rewarding experience! Journaling has also helped me pray for longer without being distracted by my own random thoughts, and has helped me pray for other people.
  2. Podcasts,  have also played a massive role in my relationship with God. Listening to sermons throughout the week from various churches and gifted preachers! God’s Word is presented in clever ways, I feel like as I listen to these talks my Bible knowledge is growing and I am also learning new ways to teach His Word.

The best thing about Monday night for me, though, was not sharing the tools I use, but rather listening to the students share theirs! Such variety.

  1. Posture, I think my favorite tool/idea that was shared was from a girl who shared that she makes conscious decisions about her posture in prayer. She listens to whether God wants her to kneel or stand up, to walk around or to sit down. She explained that some of the most powerful times in prayer for her have been when she has been on her knees in God’s presence! This is definitely something I want to try to incorporate in my own walk with God.
  2. Another great idea was setting alarms on your phone for the evening to remind you to pray for certain people. Although I have one of those old Nokia phones, I really liked this idea, as it is using modern technology to aid us in our walk with God rather than be a distraction! I am thinking of other ways I can use technology to help me walk with God.

The aim of this, wasn’t, to put us under a new law, and pressure people into kneeling every time they pray, nor was it to say that our practices were the best and therefore everyone needs to buy a journal! Instead we wanted to encourage each other by our own examples and sharpen one another.

For some of the students thinking about tools and different approaches they took in their relationship with God was something they hadn’t done before. But even in thinking about it for the first time was really helpful for them to think strategically about their walk with God. Maybe you haven’t thought about this before, I’d like to challenge you to consider what steps you take to foster intimacy with Jesus.

If you are personally struggling in your walk with God, consider asking some trusted Christian friends what tools/disciplines/methods they use to study the Bible and go deeper in prayer. We certainly found it an enriching evening! For a book I read recently which gives 10 different modes of prayer, check out kneeling with giants!


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