Clay Jar – evolution

Forgive my self-reassuring, public thinking-out-loud, post. All part of the evolution of the blog.

When I started blogging, I was really cautious of becoming a pontificating blog where I just shared my opinions or lessons I’m learning. Although I knew that would definitely be a big part of the content. I also wanted to share stories from my life and things going on. I wanted to talk about work, and study, things I’m learning and things I’ve been up to. My hope is that so far, I’ve had a combination. But as I scroll through my previous posts it seems most of them are lesson orientated.

I don’t have a big issue with this, it’s how my mind works and it keeps me thinking and reflecting about what I’m learning. But I’m aware of the tagline/scripture I’ve put alongside this blog: “power made perfect in weakness“. If all I post is my strength “what I’m learning, ideas, concepts, life lessons etc”, it can be easier to use these as things which hide my weakness.

Whereas as I try to post more personal things about life, I reckon I open myself to seeing God work more powerfully through these posts.

I guess I’ve been thinking along these lines for a while, but on Sunday as I met with my brother as part of Mother’s day. Blogs were brought up. Apparently he blogs, and he found out that I do too. As I tried to describe my blog to him, I realised he’d probably be uninterested in it given his stance on God. How much better though if my blog was a place where people of any belief could see a guy working his life out and the difference a relationship with Jesus made in that!b6a68ba4f7a32d7cf433d5e532332c1aI know there is a balance here, and that its not bad to only talk about concepts, ideas, ‘lessons’ etc. But as for me, I think a transition needs to happen for the clay jar to reveal its cracks and in turn the treasure inside! Hope this all makes sense, if not don’t worry.

So I’ll continue posting, and trying to be more vulnerable and personal.

I guess if we’re looking for an application, and I don’t seem to be able to go without it: what difference might this to make with our approach to discipleship. What if our one-on-ones went deeper than Bible studies and teaching each other and added to the mix “life-on-life” as well.


Discipleship Identity Weakness

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