Galatians 3:7-9 & 14 Study

So for my Connect programme I get given assignments. I wanted to share one of my answers to a question based on Galatians 3:7-9 & 14.

What significance does this hold for you?

V 7-8 I am justified and made a child of Abraham by faith – It is not because of anything I have done (or not done), it is not because of anything I do or will do, it is so despite my past, present and future doings, it is by Faith in Jesus and what He has done and who He is. Daniel H. Stern translates this word faith “trust” or “trusting”. To trust is like leaning upon something, like standing on a chair trusting it will take your weight.

Therefore as I climb the ladder of faith into the inheritance, blessing, commission, justification and family of God, I trust in the rungs of Jesus. His actions, His love, His power, His Grace, His prayers, His authority, His divinity, His sacrifice, His word, they are my foothold.

I do not trust in the rungs of my works, my confidence, my ability, my appearance, my relationships, my grades or my family. In fact occasionally I am tempted to step on them, but by the Spirit I am able to kick them out of place and step higher in the confidence I have in Him.

V9 I am blessed like Abraham – The blessing has come to me. Just like Abraham was a lost person, lacking significance, after all the peoples of the world were scattered and divided, God came and blessed Him. I too, was once dead in my sins, an enemy of God in my mind, but Jesus came to me and blessed me with life. God has given me significance even if no one yet sees it, even if it feels like I am still waiting for the promise to be fulfilled. Just as Abram waited for the promised son. My God has chosen, loved, forgiven and made me into an instrument for His glory.

V8&14 I am a blessing to all nations – As a descendent of Abraham I am a part of the promise that all nations will be blessed through his seed. The people I meet and contact with everyday are blessed because of Jesus’ living in me. Therefore I can walk into my daily life, whether it be a date night, my mid-week shop, a meeting with a student or a meeting with my pastor, an xbox session with a friend or a church service, expectant to see God using me.

I also recognize that Faith without works is dead, and the very faith that saves can be shown useless if I am not willing to obey and follow Him who called me. Therefore I am strategic and active in partaking in God’s plan for me and my role in the world around.

Whilst many in our world, believe the most significant blessing is financial. I am compelled that God sees blessing as life. In John 3.16 we see this as the very purpose for which Jesus died, that those who believe would have eternal life. Then later in John’s Gospel at 17.3 Jesus tells us that this eternal life is knowing God and knowing Christ. If this is the utmost blessing God wishes to bestow on all nations, peoples, and creation, (And if this was the blessing lost in Genesis 3) then my role as a blessing to all nations is to proclaim the Good News: in which people, through faith, come to receive this blessing for themselves.

V14, I receive the promise of the Spirit I am not left to do this task on my own. God’s Spirit aids me and empowers me to live this. Inwardly and outwardly.



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