Role Maps

Holidays usually seem to be a great time to refocus and evaluate what I’m doing at the moment.

Am halfway through “What’s Best Next“, which is an interesting book which looks at how the Gospel impacts our view of productivity. He pulls together knowledge from a wide reading of “self-help” books and combines them together accepting the gift of “common grace” in each of them. But also going further and looking at which ways they are limited and how “gospel-lenses” (a term he doesn’t use) can help us see these methods and ideas in a more complete (or “redeemed”) way.

I think its a really interesting book, and hits similar themes as Every Good Endeavour – Tim Keller. Still not finished it yet. But I wanted to share a part of something I’ve put together in response to what I’ve read so far. In the book he calls them Role Maps. Alongside them I put probably what most people would call mission statements and core values.

Vision I’ve blotted out some names probably best not shared.

Although this is a work in progress and due to be updated in time. I found it really helpful to think through some of these things and just to write them out. This book and the Clinton one I’ve shared a bit from recently both seem to be the right books for me to be reading as I pray and think through options for next year.

I’ve made more graphs like the role map for personal and work for each of the categories on the Life one. Apart from having a lot of fun thinking through some of these things and trying to articulate them. It was a very useful exercise!

Two notes: “sermon prep” has the weekly symbol next to it, this doesn’t mean I’m giving a sermon every week. But simply that I’m trying to write a sermon a week at least structure out some points and put together notes. I’ve only every scripted a sermon once, so this isn’t as impressive as it sounds. Also “blogging” has the daily symbol next to it. This is far from reality. So the symbol functions more as a goal.

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