BRT – Ephesians

Good morning! Back to work today (or yesterday), I tend to write the blog posts a day before so that there’s a bit of a buffer if I can’t write anything one day. I really want to try and keep for daily posting! 😀

Anyways, had a great time reading Ephesians! One thing about BRT is that I feel as though I appreciate the New Testament so much. You spend several months reading Old Testament passages dipping into the NT every now and again, so when you get into the NT stuff! I personally find it like drinking something really really rich and easy to digest!! So here are my three points from Eph, I’m posting them backwards today:

  1. 6.18 “all kinds of prayers” … A few years ago I used to watch quite a lot of a youtube channel run by the Hodge twins called ‘twinmuscleworkout’ (they do a lots of hilarious fitness and eating videos – warning that their language and themes are adult rated and crude). And they had a phrase they used: “all. kinds. of. gaaains” it was a joke that they were growing muscles in loads of different places. Anyway, for some reason when I read thesecfc3bae9261b0feb2940e874b4d97580ff9683bec2935f99c5044b808f4bf335 words I heard it in their joking voice). That’s why it caught my attention. But then I thought about it, there are  many different ways to pray. We can journal, pray in tongues, pray for others (intercession), pray the Lord’s prayer, pray in song, pray in silence etc). One thing journalling has taught me is to keep an eye out for which kind of praying I do a lot of and which I neglect. For me journalling has really helped remind me to be praying for other people more!
  2. 5.19 sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs to each other; sing to the Lord and make music in your heart to him…” I really like this. One of the guys who had a big impact on my walk with God through my early teens, I used to meet with. I have a memory of us on the London underground, and him just singing a worship song (quietly to himself). I remember being encouraged and since then if ever I’m walking with someone else, and we go into our own thoughts I ask God if there’s a song I can sing which might encourage each other!
  3. 4.13  “until we all arrive at the unity implied by trusting and knowing the Son of God, at full manhood, at the standard of maturity set by the Messiah’s perfection.” Here I really liked the connection between unity and maturity. I have recently been reading Invitation to a Journey, and one of the things the author highlights is that Spiritual Formation  doesn’t happen in isolation, and our walk with God isn’t a private and individual journey, instead it happens in community! I also heard another talk recently that talked about how God delights in a united Church, just read Jesus’ prayers in John for His Church and also in Acts 2. If I want to become a mature Christians I need to be united with Jesus’ Body – the Church!

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