Reps conference 1 arrival

Just arrived at the Navs Reps conference! Should be quite exciting as everyone here is passionate about making disciples of Jesus. My expectations include: being refreshed, getting to know some really inspiring people, hearing God’s subtle leading for the next season of life. Hopefully get some amazing resources and ideas to implement in the Brum ministry too!

A little nervous because I’m supposed to be leading the worship. But I’ve not had a chance to practice with the piano player and it seems I’m singing alone. (And I can often struggle to get the right key to start of with…) Not to mention there are lots of unfamiliar faces. So if you want to pray for me please pray for that. Thankfully I!m one of the youngest here, so I think I get a bit of wiggle room for nerves and mistakes. 

Here’s a pretty mundane picture of my room!

Fear of Man Navigators Weakness Work Worship

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