Today I’m visiting the coffee shop I used to hang out at when I was at college (16-18). There are lots of college age students around and I feel a sense of nostalgia. I think about what God has taught me these last few years over half a decade. How He has changed me. Who He has brought alongside me. Where He has led me and where He is leading me now. I didn’t even like coffee back then! 

Last night I went out on a date with my wife and we talked about plans and visions for the future. What we want to see happen, and why we want it. 

One of my core belief’s is that God deserves my unreserved wholehearted worship. Therefore, I really want to worship God with abandon, worship meaning the whole of life, and I want to inspire and draw people to do the same. I know it sounds rather daft, but I get very excited when I see a person respond to God in a way that is reckless. So I want to help people do that more. 

I seem to be gifted with an ability to teach and communicate effectively. I also have a desire to learn and read as much as possible to grow my understanding and skills. Therefore, to my mind, it has always made sense that a church leadership role where I frequently teach would be a good career option.

However, lately I have been feeling as though this option isn’t yet open. So, if I feel this sense of calling but don’t yet see an avenue. What do I do? 

Well, I will be a good steward of the gifts I feel God has given me. Making every effort to practise, develop and nurture them. I will serve God, faithfully and worshipfully with another job. I will probably continue to serve the Navigator ministry at Birmingham. I will probably find a job in teaching, catering, business, customer service – this will be my tent making. And I will do it to the glory of God, with excellence and with a high sense of purpose. And when and if God opens a door to preaching and teaching. I will be ready.

To glorify God with my everything (my work, my relationships, my marriage, my gifts – natural, spiritual & acquired – my attitude, my strengths & my weaknesses) and to influence others to do the same. 

This makes sense.

God deserves this living sacrifice. 

“The LORD makes firm the steps of the one who delight in Him, though he may stumble he will not fall, because the Lord upholds Him”

Psalm 37.

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