Hey everyone, sorry it has been a long time. It seems that my blog is becoming what I always dreaded/half-predicted it would become. One of those dusty bookshelf kind of places with each post starting with an apology..

So much has happened since my last post… I have visited Ukraine for a 16/17 day mission Trip. Met some really really amazing people there. I have travelled to Glasgow and back (in a day – by bus!) for a meeting with one of the people whose friendship, mentoring and spiritual parenthood has had such an impact on me. I’ve also decided to turn down the offer to work part time for the Navigators. (Although I’m sure I will be working with them and joining their vision to disciple the nations…will remain part of the student ministry which I’ve been serving this last year – this time unofficially) … My wife and I think we have finally found the local Church God is calling us to. And I am leaning heavily towards reaching for a teaching assistant kind of job (although some other avenues still seem like great options!)

In all of this, I have really wanted to be blogging. And it has been on my mind very very frequently…

When I started journalling about 3-5 years ago, I didn’t really know what I was doing. Id start so many new books, and put so many different things in them… From prayers, to sermon notes, to daily accounts, to visioms or pictures people had fiven me. It took me many many years to work a system which worked good for me. For the last year and a half I’ve been using the same system: a big prayer journal. And a small black notebook for everything else (the back pages are my BRT notes, whilst forward working are my notes from other things – sermons, books, thoughts, prophesies etc)…

Anyway all this to say I think my blog is still finding its feet and I’m still working a system that works well for me. For the next season (however long) I want it to be more a daily account of life. I think this is a good way to Glorify God and remember His working in my life. I’m sure the other things will get appearances… But we’ll see.

Either way I hope to be blogging more frequently now.

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