So yesterday was my first day back at work for Navs after the Ukraine trip. It was nice getting to campus early and catching up on all the e-mails and some admin jobs which needed doing. Honestly things are much quieter with students mostly gone. But I’ve still got a few things to keep me occupied. Alongside some other jobs like preparing for the chaplaincy for the Camp coming up in 2 weeks and finding myself a new job.

Yesterday I met with my ministry supervisor and worked through a review for the year gone by. It was really good to reflect on the good and bad things. I found a few jobs online to apply for and read through some blog posts of people I can learn from.

After an internal struggle against myself, I decided to visit the Youth Hub at a church we used to attend. Every Monday and Wednesday they open their doors to allow young people from all over the neighborhood to come in and chill out – play games and eat together! This was my first visit since we usually have our Navs  meetings on Monday nights and leadership planning meetings on Wednesdays. 

Well I was glad I went in the end, it was so amazing! Just to see kids from the area hanging out with fun things to do, playstation, pool table, basketball and pizza – what more cpould you want!? A great idea from Doug, the youth worker there.


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