Blue screen of death & frustrated plans

Yesterday I had a really unproductive afternoon. So much so that I was forced to ask God what the point was…

Id spent the morning, from 8-11 reading about discipleship and then gone out to get a gift for a Church apprentice we know. (It wasn’t my money but the churches they’d given me for it (generosity is something Im still growing in).)

Then the afternoon was in and I sat down ready to type up some quiet time notes for the children going to the CYC camp. I had to do three days worth so Joshua, David and Peter were going to be the characters I wanted to focus on.

BUT! When I got to my laptop it wouldn’t load up. Got a “blue screen of death” as me and my wife call it. Couldn’t get past this code-like page! I tried everything I could think of, Ctrl+alt+del and switching it on and off again. No change! After half and hour I decided to pray my frustration.

For some reason journalling out my prayers and spending time with God – in those moments – often manages to bring to mind the right verse or a healthy perspective. 

God what am I to do now? No students today? No book (I’d left one of my connect study books at home)  no study to do (the study was on my PC). So what am I to do.

 I spent some time enjoying the possibility that, ah maybe this is one of those times where God is teaching me the importance of being still, or how to trust Him when my agenda goes flop, or not being such a task orientated person maybe it was all a ruse that God wanted to break down my drivenness even more.

I don’t know. But I lifted it up in prayer. And after trying my PC again – still broken – I went for a walk trusting that there might be someone who God wants !me to meet on the street instead.

Well no one… This morning my computer is still not loading. Prayers it would be fixed soon or I would be able to take it into a PC world tomorrow and they will be able to fix it would be appreciated.

Ah well. Today has been far more productive. Completed the quiet time notes on my kindle, so hopefully they’ll convert format well enough. Have also got the study on my kindle to do today and the book. Also might be paying another visit to the hublife again this afternoon! 

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