The good news is, I have done 10 exercise days this month. And I did 8 at the end of last month… Which means I’m getting back into the habit after a very ‘lazy’ and busy summer. I’ve started listening to self help audio books from my audible alongside the exercise times so the hours feels right-proper productive. Still no Greek learning has taken place for a good few months and my Grudem’s bookmark remains on page 200-something. 

 The bad news is I am still unemployed. For those who don’t really know me…I chose to stop work with the Navigators officially after a year – despite them being a pretty awesome charity. Anyone off to Uni in UK at Southampton, Birmingham, Aston, Leicester, Manchester, Nottingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh or St. Andrews or maybe somewhere I forgot – you should look them out. Salvaged my faith in first year, them and the amazing rep at Birmingham. Anyway… Yep, not working with them anymore officially anyway. Still planning meetings, doing 1 on 1s,  and working with Student leaders – just passing the baton a bit more. Delegation.good word. Good idea.

The unemployed journey is difficult, slow and horrid. All you have is lots of free time, which you can’t enjoy because you gotta get a job. All the while a silent clock is tick tocking its way to a zero balance on your bank statement. Tick tock. Honestly things aren’t that bad, we got a few months financial cushion because of Gods superb provision in the last month! Still day to day is fairly painful.

Leave early with wife, get to uni – free WiFi for applications. 8am Morning £1 coffee from Starbucks with free refill for afternoon. Quiet time, journal, brt done by 9. Then application, email, application…  12 lunch with a 2 hour Netflix session. If I’m unemployed might as well enjoy a long lunch break. Good films on UK Netflix if your asking me (regarding Henry, Steve jobs and the firm) stay tuned for more…anyway then its back to applications before home around 5/6. Day well spent. 
Unlike normal work day, unemployed work has very little visible payback. Other than the job you get at the end. So it does feel like you are investing a lot of your time in things that don’t work out. I guess this frustration with my “work” is part of the sin curse: Gen 3:17-19. But it is difficult.

Ramblings…anyway there’s another icebreaker from a long silent blogging break. 

All that being said I have an interview next Monday! Please pray – its a job I would quite like…

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