Unclogging the river: dumping the leaves


Sometimes, I just need to get a quick update done on my blog page before I can carry on again. Like pushing all the leaves in the drain out the way to get the water flowing again (and that’s as creative a picture I paint). Hopefully this will be it. Not very pretty, eloquent but it’s hits the nail on the head…So:

I got a job! God provided at just the right time. I work for Cancer Research now at the university I was working with Navs. This is ultra convenient because I can carry on meeting with the students in my new role. Hopefully, my prayer is, I can model this stage of life well.

I’ve been in the role for two weeks now, and enjoyed settling into routine! I arrive on campus for 8am for a quiet time before work starts at 9. It’s a perfect job, and so far, I love it. Feel really blessed to have it, and looking forward to getting to know the people there. I work in a small office, with 4 other people who are all really nice and have welcomed me into the room.

My aim is to start applying for a long distance, part time learning Master’s in theology or divinity to start Sept 18, to do alongside my work. But we will have to see. I recently read a book on simple church called the Rabbit and the Elephant and it’s begun to challenge my perception of what leadership and church actually is/are. Probably more in detail later.

Just about catching up with my reading objectives for 2017, a book a week, currently 6 books behind schedule. But I got 3/4 on the go. Utilising my walks to work and back for audio book listening, and my lunch breaks for the biography. Will be starting the new russell brand book on recovery (all about addictions) should be an interesting and funny read (if its anything like his last one) with my workouts (which by the way are going well!).

What else? Oh, it’s my birthday tomorrow. Probably reason for a renewal of motivation!

Drain unclogged!




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