BRT – Ecclesiastes & a bit of 2 Cor

My BRT is coming to an end for a while, not that I’ve been posting at all or keeping anyone updated. It’s been a fantastic way I have enjoyed God’s word for the last 3-4 years. (I will/have done a proper homage to the benefits of BRT elsewhere). But I just wanted to briefly say my BRT is now a slightly slower pace Bible in a Year. And I’m following the reading plan of Word for You, which is the young peoples (FREE) devotional magazine from UCB.


Here are my 3 points from last week. Ending Sun 2nd.

  • Eccl 11.2 – ‘Invest in 7 ventures, yes, 8…’ This is the biggest one for me, we’re taking on a lot this year, with the student ministry, our churches youth group, preaching once a month at various churches, worship leading all on top of our 9-5 jobs and 1:1s. And a big part of me has felt like “”, and must be wrong, however when I read this verse. I felt God saying, ‘no – for this season – for you – for now this is right. I will supply’. Along with it is the discerning what is the difference between investing in all these things and managing all these things (probably a post to follow on that).
  • Ecc 1.18 – ‘For with much wisdom comes much sorrow; the more knowledge, the more grief’. I was challenged by this verse because it seems to disagree with the words of Peter which says add to faith goodness and to goodness knowledge. How do these two verses work together? Well, I began thinking about the foundation of knowledge. If we build our knowledge up on a foundation of experience and expertise it will finally lead to grief. But to build it upon faith as Peter says is very beneficial.
  • 2 Cor 9.6+ God rewards our generosity, and He will honor us when we give generously of our time, money, energy. Etc, this was important for me to be reminded of. I am not working as a slave. But as a someone who will receive a promised reward. I must not lose sight of this, because otherwise I am tempted to resentment.

Hope that’s encouraging.


BRT Faith Vision

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