Isaiah, finished 1 Cor and starting Gal

Isaiah 7.10-13 This verse struck me because God tells someone to ‘ask for a sign’. I was thinking about my church upbringing, and remember the story of Jesus in wilderness ‘You should not put God to the test’. And then my mind flitted to the story of Gideon with the fleece – ‘wet on one side and not on the other, please, then I’ll do it, no wait, do it again in reverse, okay now I’m convinced’. So this verse struck me and made me think what’s the difference between testing God and asking for a sign. One of the things recently happened to us when we moved house/flat. We view the property and we said to God, we love it but we want your opinion. Can you confirm it to us with 3 things. A week later, 1,2 and 3. We moved in a month later. Further, in the passage the sign that’s eventually provided is basically Jesus.

Isaiah 8.18 again linked to the previous point, in this passage it reminded me that my family, my wife and I (and I guess also the wider church family) can function as another sign. That points people to Jesus. I want that of my marriage, that it bears witness to the Person we hope in.

Gal 2.11-17 This struck me because it tied in with something I had read recently. Funny how God uses ordinary life processes to speak to us, then confirms it with His Word. Almost like it’s living and active :P!! Anyway I blogged about that last week. So here’s copied and paste what I wrote:

Since meeting with my friend I have thought up a 6thIntegrity and Consistency. I came across this one in my Bible readings. Gal 2.11-17. Paul describes how Peter would only eat with Gentiles when Jews weren’t present. Because he didn’t want to ruin his own reputation. When we choose to engage or disengage with culture, is because of selfish motives and therefore will change depending on who is watching. Or are we the same when no one is looking.


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