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After looking through the notes for the other talks Perkins did, I don’t want to post a part 2. It was mostly him walking through the model of how he selects and trains leaders. And unless you’re in a position as a pastor where you’re looking to raise up new leaders it’s probably not that relevant.

However, this is a talk I heard probably at a similar time to the last one, and the diagram used has stayed in my head ever since. Its from a friend/mentor of mine who moved to America after working for the Navs in Brum.

The original talk is recorded here.  But I wanted to just record the diagram. It’s in one of my notebooks, but rather than capture a picture here’s a copy from the source:


I think its more or less self explanatoryJust to simply provide a walk through:

We are lead to these moments of conviction, where God asks us to act and obey in a particular area. Whether that be quiet times, evangelism, speaking up, turning the other cheek, or any other host of challenges. We are lead to these moments by different stimuli: Word of God, conscience, circumstances, and the example of others.

And then we have a choice do we submit (obey/action) or suppress (disobey/inaction). Whatever we do will either soften or harden our hearts to God’s voice and leading for the next time.

Few quick thoughts:

  • “right actions” with wrong motives can end up hardening our hearts, and vice verse.
  • Sometimes disobedience can result in hardcore repentance that leads us to softened heart.
  • No one ever does the right/wrong thing all the time. We can cycle through several things then swap sides

Think that’s it! Thanks Scott!

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