Systematic Theology 0.a Pre-Preface

d95ab732c70acd0150b2fb9b61cc165bThis will be something like the 5th time I’ve tried to read through Wayne Grudem’s systematic theology. But hopefully blogging about it will hit two birds with one stone. Get me posting regularly here again AND get me reading the book with some level of accountability. Hopefully. Also hopefully is the thought that this might be useful to someone else. There’s no chance this’ll fail – none. Zero….

For those of you who don’t know when I was at Uni I was mentored by a guy who was doing his PhD in theology with a focus on discipleship. He’d been involved with Church plants and churches through his life. And one day I asked him what he’d recommend someone (like me) studying to go into Church leadership. Like what curriculum. Anyway amongst other things he said: systematic theology would be a great place to start.

There I was about 19 years old and I bought myself the thickest book I’ve ever seen. Outside the bible, which uses thin pages so doesn’t count. I mean this book is almost like a shoebox (slight exaggeration)! But it’s big. I opened it up, I remember, the first time with highlighters, pens ready.

A few weeks later I stopped.

Tried again a bit later and then again. One time I even tried to make notes in a journal for each chapter, another time I tried audiobook, and still another I found the guys lectures. But no, now I’m confident to that a blog will do the trick. Of course it will. I mean, why wouldn’t it?

And how will I go about this? Well, believe it or not but I did give some thought to the process. Sure it’s a blog and time is bound to let the structure evolve in one way or another. But here goes my starting structure:

Memory verse, chapter outline, what stood out, any answers to the questions and any questions I thought up, updates on applications.

Each chapter comes with a memory verse and application. I plan to really engage with the book and use it not only to grow but affect my personal walk with God. So these I’ll be putting into practice. There are also questions that I’ll make an effort to think about and answer. But probably not here, unless I’m super proud of the answer or put a lot of time into it or am simply blown away by the profoundness of the question.

I will also try to answer the question ‘what struck me’ or ‘what stood out’ and why . I think this question will help record what Gods saying specifically to me through the learning.

You’re most welcome to join me on this journey, may it be a long one indeed.

So where to start? Preface seems good to me, one page at a time, we’ll climb this mountain.


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