Fix your eyes on Jesus (1): Get over their pride.

Thou shalt not lean too much on your scheduled blog posts…they eventually will run out and you’ll have to write more. Lots more. Build up a stockpile, and then sit back for the next couple of weeks until you’re confident your creative juices have long enough to get running again. Or you can try doing them as an when you “feel like it”. Good luck. Been there, done that. No, a sturdy stockpile that’s the solution. Anyway, what was I going to say… Oh yes. For those out there who are bored of the Systematic Theology posts, apologies, and CONGRATULATIONS, the next three are separate. For those who are only interested because there is theology – of the systematic breed. Don’t worry I’m not backsliding. No, I’m rambling. On with the show!


Question: Do you have the humility to worship God when you’re not the worship leader?

I mean all out worship, like really go for it. Like you would up front. Usually when you’re “leading the worship” you’re the most passionate one in the room. Why? It doesn’t really matter here. The point is, will you give God more ‘x, y and z’ when you’re the ‘center of attention’ or when you’re brother in Christ is? (I know worship is about being Christ centered anyway) But I’m writing to the “worship leaders” here – myself included – and those who struggle with pride – again guilty. The people who, when they’re not leading worship, calling the shots, teaching, running the seminar, preaching, etc, when their not the star. Do they give God their all? Or do they reserve a part of themselves to criticize and critique? Do they reserve a part of their mind, heart and strength, to resist and tell God, themselves and others, that they’d do a better job.

That’s probably enough there to convict a few. Myself included. So I’ll move on.

Another one of the reasons I don’t give God my all when I’m not the W.L or Leader (in general) is because I perceive pride in the person who is leading in that moment. “Man, look at their pride, I won’t worship God while they’re so proud. I won’t worship God when they have that arrogant attitude.” And then, I tell myself I’m in the right for not submitting to they’re ego – for not encouraging them in sin! Aren’t I amazing.

At the end of the day, I chose to not give God worship – because I’m petty and proud. And I will get so caught up in someone else’s sin and shortcomings (whatever they might be) and use that as my excuse to disobey God, to not worship Him and to criticize a member of His bride.

Congratulations. Sin has crippled you  .

Solution. Fix your eyes on Jesus. Who gave His all for you – a proud, arrogant, blinded, sinner. That while you were still dead in your trespasses, He died for you. Have a read of Philippians 2. Read of Christ’s humility and how that should affect your relationship with proud worship leaders.

Stop judging, and in Grace celebrate that God uses sinners to lead sinners in worship. Marvel at His mercy, that He takes people as they are and uses them, however broken. And let that fuel your whole-hearted worship.



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