Fix your eyes on Jesus (3): When we don’t know what to do.

Turn with me, if you can to 2 Chronicles 20. If you’re a time free person, try reading from verses 1-30. It should take a couple of minutes….Done? It’s my feeling that most Christians don’t read their Bible everyday. Not that it’s a legalistic requirement to being a Christian, I know that the early church didn’t have “Bibles” as we know them today. And for at least half of Christianity’s lifespan most Christians were illiterate. But hey! We should be wise stewards of what we got, right?

If you didn’t read it, couldn’t whatever, you’ll know that this is a story. The good guys, lead by a man called Jeho-sha-phat, are surrounded by bad guys. The situation is dire. And so what do the people of Judah (good guys) do? They come together to seek God.

Good idea from the good guys.

Half way through their nation-wide-prayer-meeting. The King says this one line which gets me every time.

We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on You.


How often could we find ourselves praying those 13 words!? What a useful prayer. What a humble prayer. What a simple prayer.

“God I don’t know what courses to study for A-level, but my eyes are on you. God I don’t know what Uni/college to go to, but my eyes are on you. God I don’t know what job I should be going for, who I should marry, if I should date her, if I should stay or go, BUT my eyes are on you.” BAM! Bam! BAM!

It seems to me, the younger you are the more decisions you have, as you get older the decisions get less frequent. But we all have to make big decisions, or at least decisions that seem proper big to us at the time. What does this prayer teach us? We are allowed to not know what to do, and the best solution is to come before God seeking Him…To fix our eyes on Jesus.

Often when I do this, I don’t get an answer. But I do get reassurance that He will be with me whatever. That He loves me, and has a plan for me, that He knows me and is good. That He is guiding my steps.

Aslan, no, of course He’s not safe!! ….but He is good.

And all of a sudden, I’m out upon the water. In a place I would never be with my eyes off of Jesus.

Jehoshaphat, decided in the end to go out into the desert with an army of music players all singing worship to God. And God took care of the bad guys.

Fix your eyes on Jesus and worship.

God, I don’t know what to do, but my eyes are on You”.

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