Systematic Theology 3.c Canon of Scripture Applications

  1. Without the knowledge of which writings were/are God’s words my Christian life would be very messy. Firstly my devotional life, would probably involve leaning heavily on podcasts and articles from Christian scholars who really read a lot and were more experts. So I wouldn’t be able to hear God directly, it would be mostly through other people. My views on preaching would also be drastically changed, at the moment I subscribe to the view – that the preacher’s authority comes from the Word of God, and so I’m not too interested in analogies or stories. Those are all good at the right time, but when I am to preach His word, I will lean really on the Scripture passage alone.  So to not know, which texts really were His word…Mess. Finally I think my prayer life would be influenced. A lot of my prayers and journal entries consist of holding God’s promises out and latching onto them! Without knowing which “promises” were from God and what were wished by some writer years ago.
  2. I don’t have doubts about the canon of Scripture, having read them through several times, even though I don’t like what is said, I am reassured by the Holy Spirit that they are true. In fact, to be honest, it is only after reading this chapter and making notes that I feel more clarity is needed. There were books that Grudem didn’t explain in much detail, and the reasoning need more flesh to it. As a result I began watching John Piper’s in depth seminars on the canon of Scripture. I don’t feel yet I could argue the case of canoncy to someone sceptical yet. Not with logical reasons, only with Faith experience. I think the logic is important, especially to care for the doubts of others.
  3. In response to Mormons, JWs and others who claim to have “additional revelation”, I would argue that they do not hold the Words of the Bible to equal authority to their own “scriptures” and that they submit the Bible to the additional writings. Why do I think this? Because if the Bible was viewed at least equally to their additional writings, contradictions would be found. But to be honest, I know very little of these additional writings.
  4. I would be interested to read others scriptures (Apocrypha, Qur’an, Book of Mormon) at some point in my life. But not in place of my devotional life. But rather as an educational exercise. I think I would be encouraged reading the apocrypha.


End note: I set out on this quest keen to memorise the memory verse for each chapter. Unfortunately, like Boromir, that part failed. Or, in other words, I chose to not do it, because I’m currently trying to memorise Romans 8.

Bible Systematic Theology

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