There is a famous story Jesus gives us in the gospels, well, it’s not really a story, it’s more of a word picture that I think we all know but that we all tend to forget. Either we forget it, or we assume, it doesn’t apply to us. On the other hand, ironically, we’re all really good at spotting the specific person who needs to remember the lesson. We can easily spot planks in each other’s eyes – it’s obvious – it’s a plank – and they’ve got it in their eye. Let me just point it out to them. Or maybe if we’re not so bold, we won’t point it out to them, we’ll point it out to ourselves: hey look, we don’t need to listen to what that guy/girls saying because they’ve got a plank in their eye.

We all go round happily plank-hunting. Who’s got the biggest plank in their eye. It’s like where’s wally, but with planks. Wait, I see another one right over there. Yep, you’ve got one two. Hey, look, I think you need to hear the story about the guy with the plank in his eye – that’s you that is. We even plank hunt, plank hunters….Hey, you, yes you, you’re clearly looking for planks in people’s eyes!

Of course, we don’t see the plank in our own eye. That’s why it’s easy and fun for me to write a blog about you-all to get the planks out of your eyes. But me…

Maybe, if we spot the planks in our eye, we’d find the instruction in James: to be slow to speak and quick to listen, a lot easier.

Maybe, we’d have a lot less ‘how to’ videos, books, blogs and podcasts and a lot more humility?

Maybe, we’d be able to hear Jesus’ word to us and not just for our friends, family, colleagues and the-people-we-don’t-like-so-much-or-agree with.

Maybe…we’d have a more united church?

Maybe…I would be more merciful, loving, caring and honoring.


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