Quick Update, (excuse errors and no caveats)

Have I got time for a quick update? Yes, settled into my new job, my new promotion. It’s a lot more work and a lot more stress. Thankfully this has pushed me closer to God and I enjoyed a month of running to Him for all the resources I needed to do the job well. Desperate times etc.

But now I’m settled a bit better, my prayers are less requesting strength and ability to work effectively. This is worth thinking about some more, am I any less dependent on Him for the ability to work well? Probably not, but it’s easier to forget when you’re practiced.

I’m back on the Systematic Theology book/course, have been since my birthday, and have got further than before. Which is great, given that I started the book all over again. Same can’t be said for my Greek studies, which I restarted on my birthday as well, but have already fallen behind.

As a couple, we’re doing P90x, it’s a dvd workout course, only a week in so shouldn’t really be sharing at this point. But it’s fun for now and we’re enjoying it. We’re also tentatively looking into helping with youth work at our church again.

I’m in the process of withdrawing off the Navigators FFM course I’m on. The away days just aren’t feasible anymore. But there’s a lot more to that than that story. Maybe I’ll get round to posting it.

Don’t think I’ll be attempting the 52 books in a year challenge again next year, I did it this year again and am a few books over my goal. But I want to focus on getting the difficult books (Greek, Systematic Theology and Wheel of Time) finished without the pressure to do quantity. Not to mention I’m also trying to write more, I know it’s a little unbelievable, what with my rare blog posting lately. But I’ve been trying to focus on a few longer projects, so far keeping to it.

Great things God has been teaching me include:

1) Giving freely because I’ve freely received

2) People are very important

3) Marriage is incredible

4) How to do, be part of, function in a Church context.


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