Goals for March 2021

I heard an idea recently that I want to trial on this blog, monthly goal setting.

I’ve had this informal list of goals for March so far and it’s really helped me focus on a slightly larger picture than just my day to day work and play.

I’d mentioned some of these in my February summary, but I wanted to list all of them here – separately. Will try and get a review of how I did, in for next month.

A few caveats first: 1) I think there is a benefit in doing this, regardless of whether or not I hit 100% of the goals listed. 2) As we’re already a third of the way through March, some of these I’ve already done (better late than never)! 3) These items vary in seriousness and importance. So I will mark with *’s the ones that I’m really gunning for:

  • Get a haircut as soon as possible!
  • Get back into blogging aiming for at least 3 posts a week
  • Get back on with book editing*. ith Jan/Feb being so busy, and all my gaming, the book edit has well and truly been on hold. I’ve enlisted some friends to Skype me 6-8am this month, to work with me/hold me accountable for 2hours book-work a day. Hopefully by the end of March we’ll have made serious headway towards getting this thing clean cut.
  • Continue with my exercise regime*
  • Finish re-reading* ‘Building below the waterline’ – Gordon MacDonald
  • Complete Assassin’s Creed 1 on the xbox
  • Prepare and give the talk for Church on Sunday 21st
  • Look into joining the worship Rota.

Monthly Targets

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