This time a year ago…

In the UK everyone is raving about how we’ve been in lockdown for a whole year as of today. In my (remote) office we’re all exchanging jokes about how we thought this would all be over by Autumn.

For me, I remember the first thing I did on my last day in the office 1 year ago today…

While everyone else was worrying about toilet roll and hand sanitiser…I went into the campus Starbucks and asked if they had any coffee beans they could sell me (I was planning to stock pile for the difficult months ahead).

The wonderful lady at the til, bent down looked in a cupboard and pulled out around 8 packs of coffee beans. She even offered to grind them for me! All FREE OF CHARGE!

It was a gift. Needless to say, every time I’ve gone back to the office since then, I have ordered coffee from that same Starbucks.

My wife took a photo of me that evening when I got in from work! (Look at how proud I am, utterly chuffed to bits, standing there with my coffee beans ready for the year ahead.)


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