2 Songs on my Worship Playlist

One of my favourite ways to connect to God is through worship, for me this goes back to my teenage years. It was in a moment of worship that I encountered God and believed that He had a plan for me. It was only when I reached the age of 18 that I started delving deeply into the Bible.

However, for some reason I’m very slow to take up the “new” songs of worship that the Church has written. It used to be something I’d check on a regular basis, whether Matt Redman, Tim Hughes, Hillsong, Bethel etc had released new albums or songs.

Over the last few months I’ve been deliberately looking to “Catch up” and update myself on what’s out there. Today I want to briefly share two songs that I have been listening to on repeat and why they have become important to me.

Another in the Fire – Hillsong UNITED

This song is based on the story in Daniel 3 where the three followers of God are thrown into a blazing furnace because they refuse to bow to the golden statue the king has set up. It is a song of hope in the midst of trial.

So why do I like it?

  • It reminds me to remember God’s presence in the ordinary difficulties of life
  • It reminds me that when I am wrestling with temptation, He is there with me.
  • My job is to obey and trust God, His job is to establish and rescue me. This perspective makes my life much more simple.

Waymaker – Bethel Music

This song recalls the power and faithfulness of God. It celebrates His presence and ability to make a way.

So why do I like it?

  • On the version I’ve been listening to on Spotify, there is a point in the song where the “crowd goes wild”. In my mind’s eye, I hear the cry of hundreds of needy believers pouring out their desperate hope to God. Admitting their own powerlessness and abandoning themselves to the mighty saving power and mercy of God their only hope. This is not a song for successful, strong and independent Christians, who feel they have life together. This is for broken people in need of a saviour…and I count myself among that number. With doubts, struggles and failures, my only hope is God – The Great Way Maker, miracle worker, promise keeper, light in the darkness!

I hope you are encouraged by these songs.


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