Rededication of the Blog

Around a month ago, my premium subscription to WordPress expired and I had a decision to make. Should I pay for another year?

The cost is essentially financial. But what are the benefits?

Well, the first time round I thought the benefit was earning money through adverts. I thought I was on my way to a passive income and unobstructed success…

I now know that isn’t the case. Even with my ads set to steroid-seeming levels, the blog just wasn’t good enough. Not big enough audience, not good enough writing, not enough effort on my part etc etc. I had been sucked into thinking it was free money. In fact, I ended up losing money.

So what are the real benefits of having a “premium” blog?

  • It keeps me writing. In one sense, I’d probably still write even with a free one, how else am I going to get things off my chest and be able to forget about them. Where else am I going to be able to monologue my thoughts without anyone interrupting me? However, in another sense, knowing that I have paid a price in order to have a blog, means I do take it a little more seriously. (Not too seriously!)
  • It affirms that I want to pursue writing in my life. Yes, this clearly isn’t the place I’m doing my most grammatical and accurate writing. But it is a place that allows me to release a quantity of thoughts into the world. With quantity does eventually come quality (at least that’s what I’m telling myself). Even if by posting regularly each week I am only growing a small fraction of a percentage, this is better than nothing. Yes I could blog for free, but spending money on the activity, communicates to my brain that this is something I value.
  • Domain name…It is undeniably cool to have your own website address:
  • It helps with my other writing projects. For anyone who does read this blog avidly, you’ll know I am also working on my own book. I wrote the first draft 95,000 words last year, and have since been on an arduously slow editing journey, trying to get it down to 30-40,000 words. The blog holds me accountable and also, at least in my head, will one day be the building blocks of a potential audience. By paying for a premium blog, I take away one of the barriers to building that audience.

Blogging is difficult, and I’m not the most consistent person. I’m hoping this year, I will be able to become more consistent. Not focusing on the monetary rewards, but instead using it as a place to: capture ideas, share my story and hone my craft.


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