Since the lockdown began around year and a half ago (how time flies!), I’ve taken up an interest in coffee.

Of course, I’ve enjoyed coffee for quite sometime before COVID hit, but it’s really been since being stuck at home for so long that I’ve really been paying attention to brewing it with some semblance of intentionality.

I am by no means an expert, or feel confident enough to explain what a good coffee tastes like. I probably couldn’t recognise good from bad.

But what I have enjoyed, is learning about the various ways of making it. From a bean to cup coffee machine, gifted to us by friends moving off to America, to learning about weighing coffee to water in my little French press. Even buying a moka-pot/stove coffee machine thing! And most recently, grinding my own beans a little hand grinder. (I even posted a video on YouTube!)

I’ve been through phases of making coffee in so many ways, for a few months I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to do “latte art”.

It is a lot more difficult than it looks in the shop.

But what am I getting at in all this talk about coffee?

Well, with all the new toys and gizmos, gadgets and ingredients. I found myself coming back, time and time again to the simple coffee press. Yes, now I am weighing out the coffee and the water, I’m grinding the beans myself etc. It is all a little more fine-tuned. But the method remains my favourite. I just keep coming back to it.

In the same way, I think we have preferences in our walks with God. Some people like to read through the Bible quickly, some slowly. Some like to pray with journals, some with art, some with songs, some with walks in nature and some with the still quiet.

I think it is important we learn and try, and have a bit of all of it in our walk with God. Being part of a diverse Church community can help with this, as there are things we are bound to neglect!

Nevertheless, we should also recognise that God has made us uniquely with preferences we can and need to appreciate and embrace.

I think of that story of David and Goliath. And how before the battle, King Saul tried to fit the boy David in his own adult-sized armour and a sword he couldn’t lift.

Be aware of leadership projection. Where a person of influence, status or position tells us we need to meet God in one particular way and all others are superfluous. Yes, let us not neglect our Bibles because we only want to sing songs. But no, let us not shelve our ‘spiritual preferences’ in favour of the approach-of-the-day.

Our Spiritual preferences, might not only be related to the activity. We might also consider the timings. Are we morning people or afternoon and evening people? It is important we give God our best! But we might also try giving Him that which is costly to us. Be it our sleep or our lunch!

Do you know your spiritual preferences? Do you know the preferences of the Church you are part of? How would you like to spend time with God tomorrow?

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  1. Wow! Your words are so timely and thank your for sharing. I too find myself experimenting with coffee (not the latte art, but, well done :)) I keep going back to my black coffee or triple espresso. So many of my preferences are influenced by others. The spiritual ramifications as you pointed out can be encouraging or damaging to our faith walk and purpose.

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