The best part of Apple!

Some of you will know that Apple recently hosted an event announcing new (or updated) products. Including a new iPhone and update to the iPad mini as well as a new watch.

…but, I can say with confidence that, none of these products are “the best part of Apple”.

Yesterday morning, I had a chat with Apple myself, to get their help trying to fix an issue with my iPad not connecting to the internet. All the other devices in the flat worked fine, it was just this tablet.

So I spoke to Apple to try and work it out. The guy, or girl, on the other end gave me lots of things to try. They were very helpful!

“Have you tried turning it on and off again?”


“Have you tried resetting the network settings?”

Just did, no effect.

“Have you tried restarting your wifi router?”

I can, do you really think that is the problem?

Over and over again, lots of new ideas, solutions to try. I had written the morning off from doing anything productive and so was happy to take my time. But then we came to the solution!

I had installed some third party virus protector thing which was messing around with my vpn settings (don’t ask me what that means!). Long story short, I just deleted the app – problem solved!

But then, the very helpful person from Apple concluded with some stellar information. It dwarfed all the announcements from the previous day:


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