Sunday Summary (19th September 2021) – Learning to drive, cook and read whatever I want to read!

This week we said goodbye to ‘hello fresh’, for those who’ve been following for a while, you will know that for the last year and half (basically, since lockdown all began) we have been trying to learn how to cook. So we subscribed to a meal plan subscription service which gives us 5 meals to cook each week. It’s been really fun and over the year we’ve cooked some amazing meals…but alas, all good things must come to an end!

So, we finished this week, strong with a wonderful hotdog meal!

The plan moving forward will be to save a little money, buy the ingredients ourselves and attempt to replicate some of the meals that we’ve most enjoyed! Standby for updates!

Also this week, so us put up some pictures in the spare room. We’re trying to make that room a little more cosy and warm!

It took a great deal of effort trying to get the six frames all at the same height and pictures all roughly-equal distance apart. A lot of string, measuring tape, pencil marking, nails and laughter! But we got there in the end.

Driving lesson went well, no scary incidents. We’ve covered all the curriculum, and now it’s just a matter of me getting it 100% clean. I think my main areas of growth are: 1) looking ahead, 2) roundabouts and 3) bay parking. But all will come with time.

Anything else? Well apart from completing the first Tomb Raider (relaunch) game, at 100% on the hardest difficulty. No mean feat. I also decided to give the Wheel of Time books a break, as I just realised that I wasn’t enjoying it all too much. Fingers crossed I can get back on with it before I forget everything that happened. In the meantime, I’ve jumped back into the Star Wars non-canon books (am not the least bit interested in the Disney books, truth be told).


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