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Role Maps

Holidays usually seem to be a great time to refocus and evaluate what I’m doing at the moment. Am halfway through “What’s Best Next“, which is an interesting book which looks at how the Gospel impacts our view of productivity. He pulls together knowledge from a wide reading of “self-help” books and combines them together…

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God provides people

At the moment I’m working through a really great book, by Robert Clinton, which looks at developing leaders. I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s been really helpful especially as I think about what to do next year. I wanted to share another thing which I’ve looked at recently. (I also want to be careful that…

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The Stewardship Model

Recently I have just started reading “Unlocking your giftedness”┬áby (Bobby and Richard) Clinton. I’ll try and do a more detailed review or summary once I finished it, at the moment I’m only 30 odd pages in. If you can get past the title, and Clinton’s unique terminology (which I personally find really helpful – but…

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