Category: Discipleship

Kingdom focused leadership

Why do people follow you? Why do you think they do? Why do you follow people? In the Church there tends to be three main answers: Personal Loyalty – because you like someone, or they like you. Admiration and example can come into this (to an extent). Has a strong feel of being noble. Fear…

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The Naked Leader

When I moved from Portsmouth to Birmingham in 2007 after my first year of secondary school. I decided that I wanted to make some significant changes to my personality and the way I acted. Growing up in Portsmouth, I was very quiet. I got bullied a lot, and had only a couple of friends. I…

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Among the Lost

A few of you will remember that since coming home from my Orientation days, I have felt really challenged to “be among the lost”. One of the speakers there explained that he lived in a 90:10 ratio of Christians:Non-Christians, in regards to who he hung out with. He encouraged us to seek to reverse it,…

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