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Why so serious?

Ha! There should be some kind of ban on me writing blog series’. It really seems to put me off writing. Question: Out of 10 how important is it to not take yourself too seriously? Good question. (- even if it feels a little clunky worded). I asked it to my colleagues. There was a…

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Agenda Item #2  See the Value

So then, Jesus heals the woman. Whoopie! Everyone is delighted. The woman is praising God. The disciples are probably hi-fiving. “Here comes Revival!”. …Hang on a minute, the synagogue leader is not smiling… “There are 6 days to work, come on one of those days to be healed” – he declares. Interestingly his accusation isn’t…

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There is a famous story Jesus gives us in the gospels, well, it’s not really a story, it’s more of a word picture that I think we all know but that we all tend to forget. Either we forget it, or we assume, it doesn’t apply to us. On the other hand, ironically, we’re all…

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