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Why I got confirmed?

On Sunday (23rd) I was confirmed. This is an Anglo-Catholic ritual that traditionally happens soon after baptism. At least this is my understanding. I was introduced to this concept as a teenager when I first joined a CofE church, their policy was that you couldn’t have communion unless you had been baptised & confirmed. This…

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BRT – 2 Corinthians

2 Corinthians is a great book, and a great friend & mentor who has had a massive impact on my life wrote a PhD dissertation looking a lot at passages in this book. So coming to it this time round, I was very conscious of expecting to find things related to Scott’s dissertation. However, God…

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The Naked Leader

When I moved from Portsmouth to Birmingham in 2007 after my first year of secondary school. I decided that I wanted to make some significant changes to my personality and the way I acted. Growing up in Portsmouth, I was very quiet. I got bullied a lot, and had only a couple of friends. I…

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