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Clay Jar – evolution

Forgive my self-reassuring, public thinking-out-loud, post. All part of the evolution of the blog. When I started blogging, I was really cautious of becoming a pontificating blog where I just shared my opinions or lessons I’m learning. Although I knew that would definitely be a big part of the content. I also wanted to share…

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What’s next?

I don’t know what I’m doing next year! This is something which is increasingly becoming important. I have a few obvious options but even these are incomplete. The first is to start a three year training program with the Navigators, this is called FFM (Foundations for Ministry). There will be similar studies, but with more…

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The Naked Leader

When I moved from Portsmouth to Birmingham in 2007 after my first year of secondary school. I decided that I wanted to make some significant changes to my personality and the way I acted. Growing up in Portsmouth, I was very quiet. I got bullied a lot, and had only a couple of friends. I…

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