Systematic Theology 1: Introduction to Systematic Theology

Please find below my notes on chapter 1 of Wayne Grudem’s book Systematic Theology.

A couple of notes on my annotations:

  • ‘X’ is short hand for Christ. Fun-fact Greek word for Christ is Christos, and is spelt ‘Χριστός’. I have therefore frequently used ‘X’ to represent Christ – hence ‘Xian’ meaning Christian. I don’t mean to undermine His importance or anything like that, it’s just this is a big book and taking notes on every chapter is a big enough task without copying words out completely.
  • I also tend to shorten the names of books of the Bible to three letter words e.g. Ephesians becomes ‘Eph’. In some cases like for the Gospels I have shorted to two letters, e.g. Matthew becomes ‘Mt’. And for some cases one letter (this is usually for Romans, which simply becomes ‘R’)
  • Whenever I use ‘Gk’ it means Greek and is referring to the language. Confusingly ‘HB’ can mean the book of Hebrews or the language. ‘ST’ is Systematic Theology. ‘OT’ and ‘NT’ are Old and New Testaments.
  • Finally in these notes, the things I have highlighted ‘yellow’ or place a ‘red star’ by are things that really stood out to me and were important. I would have spent some time praying about these things.

Apologies for any zooming you may have to do to fully appreciate these notes, I have found that viewing them on a phone or tablet it a lot easier.

Systematic Theology 0: Preface (6 Features of Grudem’s Study)

As men and women who want to be pursuers of God’s heart and then lead, labour, inspire and encourage others to be the same. It is important that we maintain a posture of receptivity and learning. We want to be adding to our faith: goodness and to goodness: knowledge. Studying Systematic theology is one way to accomplish this. Furthermore, for those who are gifted as teachers, having a rounded understanding of what the Bible teaches about God better equips us to steward our gift.

That’s right, we’re starting Systematic Theology again. I believe this is the third attempt at reading through Wayne Grudem’s book and trying to share my notes on the blog.

So what’s different this time? What will stop me from giving up halfway though again? Well, I’m glad you asked! This time, I’ve done most of the work already. Since November 4th 2019, I’ve been ploughing away at Grudem’s Systematic Theology, taking notes and wrestling with the content. In these weekly posts, you will receive my notes from the book, along with other insights I gained looking into each topic. So what’s different this time? This time I have a 40 week lead!

My hope is that this will be a useful, informal, educational tool for people who are interested in the basics of Systematic Theology, but don’t have the time to read through the long book. If you like what you see, I encourage you to buy the book and read it. But if time is scarce, I hope this labour will encourage and inspire you towards God’s heart.

(Please check out this previous post, for insight into why I ever tried to study Systematic Theology in the first place!)

As a teaser, I have included the notes from his Preface

Grudem outlines the 6 distinct features of his approach to Systematic Theology

I’ve highlighted in yellow my three favourite features. Application to life, Progress towards Church Unity and a Desire to see Churches equipped with sound doctrine.