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Jesus in disguise

I believe that God still speaks to us through dreams. I see the story of Joseph in the old testament and Joseph in the new and see the consistency of this means. Furthermore in Acts 2 it’s recalled as part of a prophecy that people would ‘dream dreams‘. The tension here being that clearly not…

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Kingdom focused leadership

Why do people follow you? Why do you think they do? Why do you follow people? In the Church there tends to be three main answers: Personal Loyalty – because you like someone, or they like you. Admiration and example can come into this (to an extent). Has a strong feel of being noble. Fear…

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End of first term!!

So I’m coming to the end of my first term with the Navigators, what an amazing few months its been. We’ve got a really great bunch of students, who have been prepared to go deep into God’s Word and with each other, in their pursuit to grow in faith! Which has been so much fun…

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