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Mentored by Authors

Anyone who has been around this blog for long enough will know that I love to read. But from March 2020 up until now, I have deliberately taken a few steps back from reading “Christian” books. (Don’t get me wrong, I’ve read a few!) But, relatively speaking, I cut back a significant chunk. Why? Well,…

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3 Prayer Tools for 2021

Excuse the number orientated blog post title! The best way to learn how to pray, is by praying. Plain and simple. I find it off-putting when Christians make prayer a complex ritual, that needs countless hours of study and expertise in order to get right. When Jesus was asked ‘how to pray’, He gave a…

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Tuesday Tools – Deep Work

Around January last year (according to my Goodreads account) I finished Cal Newport’s book: Deep Work. It’s a book that argues that we come up with the best ideas and most meaningful progress when we engage in focused, uninterrupted and undistracted work. It claims that for “knowledge workers” deep work is becoming increasingly rare, with…

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