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Downsizing Word Output

“Our instinct is too often to speak of everything we know, as if doing so is the only way to authenticate ourselves”. “Talking too quickly, too much, and too cleverly is [oftentimes] destructive…the spiritual men and women I’ve come to admire were generally quiet-spirited and more silent than verbose” It is probably ironic that on…

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3 Descriptions

In the story of Noah, we are given three distinct descriptions: He was a righteous man He was a blameless man He walked with God Righteous – we know from Hebrews 11:6-7 that it was Noah’s faith that made him righteous. Blameless – we know from James 2:21-24 that true, saving faith is evident in…

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Systematic Theology 5: The Four Characteristics of Scripture (1.5) Inerrancy

In my defence the book does say “Four characteristics” even though it gives five. This is the bonus one, Inerrancy’. It is usually covered under ‘Authority’ (see previous post). But due to the cultural context of today, where ‘truth’ is considered more and more subjective and God’s word is seen as an optional Pick N…

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