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Understanding Spiritual Authority

In my thinking recently, I’ve been encouraged to reflect on leaders that I have known or seen in the past, who evidenced Spiritual Authority. (This is part of the Leadership mandate – Hebrews 13:7-8). What did these leaders have in common: 1) Intimacy with Jesus. Probably first and foremost, what attracted me to each of…

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3 Prayers to Go deeper with God

The following Prayers were extracted from Moses’ conversation with God in Exodus 33: “Teach me Your ways.” We are surrounded with the ways of our society, culture, friends, family and social media. Depending on where we live, we may be subject to capitalist or communist ideals. But we are from another Kingdom, and Kingdom of…

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Not losing the Intimacy

It’s been an interesting transition the last few weeks, I’ve made a move to combine blogging with my walk with God. And there have been some great benefits to doing this: Consolidating my thoughts A mild form of accountability Future Benefits – I’m creating a resource to look back on and use later. Encouraging others…

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