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Meeting God in the Evenings

I am a morning person, and as such, I meet with God deliberately and patiently in the mornings. It’s part of my decision to give God the ‘best’ I have. Of course, as a Christian I have the liberty to enjoy constant communion with God throughout the day. I know that He is with me…

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Dwelling on Scripture

I am not shy when it comes to spending money on apps for my phone. I love experimenting with tools that boost my productivity, help me keep track of goals or even draw me closer to God. It’s an investment I am more than happy to make. (It helps that most apps have a free…

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Evening Reflections

For quite some time now I have wanted to introduce a habitual time of reflection into each evening. It would be a time to look back, prayerfully and thoughtfully, on the day passed and consider: Where was God in these moments? In the big events and meetings, but also in the mundane. In the things…

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