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Six Leadership Lessons (Part 3): Sense of Destiny and Lifetime Perspective

The first two lessons were 1) maintaining a learning posture throughout life and 2) valuing spiritual authority as a primary power base. The next two lessons were 3) recognising the importance of leadership selection and development and 4) maintaining a dynamic ministry philosophy. This week we finish looking at Clinton’s six leadership lessons. 5) Effective…

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Motive for Ministry

Gordon Macdonald, in His book Building Below the Waterline, vulnerably shares four flawed motivations for his entering ministry. Need for Approval Validation by Achievement Longing for Intimacy Power of Idealism Motives are very rarely pure, when I first considered taking a year out of work to serve a Navigators ministry at the university. I asked…

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Not losing the Intimacy

It’s been an interesting transition the last few weeks, I’ve made a move to combine blogging with my walk with God. And there have been some great benefits to doing this: Consolidating my thoughts A mild form of accountability Future Benefits – I’m creating a resource to look back on and use later. Encouraging others…

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