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The best part of Apple!

Some of you will know that Apple recently hosted an event announcing new (or updated) products. Including a new iPhone and update to the iPad mini as well as a new watch. …but, I can say with confidence that, none of these products are “the best part of Apple”. Yesterday morning, I had a chat…

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Morning Routine with Rewards

Since the beginning of June, I’ve been setting my alarm for 4.45 so I can take part in the 5am Club (after reading a book by the same name). It’s been really good and has helped me get a lot done. But this last week has been tough. With essentially 3-4 hours worth of “free…

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Tuesday Tools: Stretching

One of the tools I use to keep going in my daily habits, routines and disciplines is a concept I call: “Stretching”. As most people who have tried implementing daily habits have noticed – consistency is a struggle. What starts out as a fun and rewarding activity (such as exercise, studying, writing, reading etc) can…

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